Chapter 5 Introduction to ClinGen

5.1 Learning Objectives

This chapter will summarize:

  • The ClinGen Organization
  • ClinGen Somatic Cancer Variant Curation Expert Panels

5.2 ClinGen Somatic

The ClinGen organization, which leverages expert working groups to tailor guidelines for specific genes and provide publicly curated germline variant interpretations, has developed a parallel effort in the somatic space under the Somatic Cancer Clinical Domain Working Group. Multiple ClinGen Somatic Cancer Variant Curation Expert Panels (SC-VCEPs) are being developed around different genes or disease groupings (FGFR, NTRK, etc), and undergoing a four step process for approval. SC-VCEP somatic curation follows data models which incorporate the above mentioned AMP/ASCO/CAP and ClinGen/CGC/VICC guidelines for clinical relevance and oncogenicity, which may be tailored for specific genes and disease contexts.The CIViC knowledgebase, discussed below, has been selected as the primary database and curation interface for SC-VCEP variant classifications.

ClinGen Somatic Organization